Just Crochet

Crochet Nerd

I have been making much longer then I've been teaching and am extremely passionate about both. I'm a proud mom to 3 amazing young adults. I have an incredibly supportive wife who has never complained, out loud anyway, about how much yarn I own. I started using Canadianmom in the late 90's when the internet was in it's infancy and it just seemed to stick. As well, after reaching my goal weight as a WW member, I am now a Coach and run weekly Workshops. 

Why did I become a crochet instructor? The short answer, I am a crochet nerd. In recent years, there has been a dramatic resurgence in the classic craft of crochet. In this 'instant gratification' and 'mass-marketing' society, people are choosing to go back to basics and invest their own time and skill by making items for themselves and others. Crochet is a versatile manipulation of yarn and knows no age or gender limit. It offers relaxation, accomplishment and pride.  A person can create blankets, clothing, toys, household articles, art work or novelty items for themselves, as gifts, to sell or just because they can. There are 100's of stitches, terms, techniques and patterns dedicated to crochet and I am qualified to introduce you to the wonderful world of crochet. I am patient, knowledgeable and keen to demonstrate my passion of crochet to you at your pace.